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Do It Now Concert & Dinner at Judd's

Do It Now Concert & Dinner at Judd's

Date: July 23rd, 2022.

Time: 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Category: Concerts

Location: Gateway City Arts 92 Race St, Holyoke, MA

You can buy tickets ahead of time since there is limited seats, here
Support Gateway City Arts, have dinner and drinks at Judd's, opens at 5:00
Support three local performers who have performed locally and internationally.
Do It Now starts at 7:00
This concert is being filmed and recorded so there is limited seating.
Sliding Scale $12 to $20
Do It Now - core configuration is Paul Richmond, Tony Vacca, and John Sheldon.
Don't know who Do It Now is, here are some reviews
From The Herald - from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - “ John Sheldon, Tony Vacca and Paul Richmond are products of the 1960’s who have had enough of the US government policies and gun laws.etc and gather their dissatisfaction into poetic declamation, layered and looped guitar shaping percussive drive and precision. Part political rant, part history lesson, dark humor and wholly musical - Sheldon’s guitar and Vacca’s percussion are brilliantly in sync”…..
Write Out Loud by Mike Took - “American trio Sheldon, Richmond and Vacca provide a powerful fusion of music, words and percussion in this enthralling show which is part hippy-trip, part Us- apologist and part sensory journey. These three performers each demonstrate a very different skillset for our delectation and would undoubtedly be comfortable performing in any solo capacity. The combination of Sheldon’s guitar with Richmond’s mesmerizing lyrics and almost dream-like delivery is sewn together improbably yet with utter completion by the phenomenal antics of Tony Vacca whose billing as “Percussion” does not do him justice…..”
“These Cats are keeping it real and know how to Groove” - Director of Bass programs and Bands at Northfield Mount Hermon - Ronald R. Smith