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Open Letter From Gateway Live

8/30/2018 | Vitek Kruta


Gateway City Live is a newly established 501C3 non profit organization located in downtown Holyoke. Its purpose is to support forms of arts and creativity that are essential to defining our social fabric and contributing to our future through community, inspiration, creative challenges, discovery and practice.

The arts and crafts are our best tools enabling us to do just that. An idea will always stay just an Idea if it does not manifest in physical form. It is a struggle in today's economic environment and product oriented culture to allow an idea to grow and become a viable concept before it can mature into a good quality product.

Every start up artist and entrepreneur needs time and resources to conceptualize and develop their recipes, design, layouts, drafts, concepts. Etc. before the tangible product is born, marketed, sold and can generate income.

This period of the creative process is often forgotten or neglected or misunderstood.

Because of that most ideas never materialize and because of that we are missing a great opportunity and potential to grow and evolve as a diverse, rich culture and strong society.

By providing support for that particular period of the creative process Gateway City Live sees its mission very clearly. In partnership with Gateway City Arts and other organizations the newly created Board of Directors with the supporters and patrons, have set out to make a positive difference in our creative endeavor and inspired future.

We at GCL are excited to work with and support Theater, Classical and Experimental music, Visual Arts, Educational forums and start up entrepreneurs who plan to build their businesses around artisan disciplines und unique ideas. Together we will build our future and create a viable economy.

Vitek Kruta

President of the GCL board of directors.

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